can lead to higher revenues and a faster ROI.

WE seek to become an extension of your company, whether it is to fulfill a temporary need or to establish a long-term partnership.

Trough our strategic partnerships and involvement with leading companies located in what is consider the New Silicon Valley in México, we offer a vast number of industry certifications, agile methodologies and proven track record servicing world renowned clients.

We guarantee to our costumers quality, consistency & results.

Our experienced management team in Sweden and México brings over 15 years of experience in the IT Industry, providing interdisciplinary knowledge that translates into solutions that move you closer to your organizational goals.

Software Factory and App Development

We offer what you value the most, your time. We optimize development supply chains by undertaking the routine tasks of your software/app production efforts, releasing your resources to concentrate on the creative and strategic activities involved in this process.



• Custom-made Software, Software Factory, Website development, Web Apps, Mobile, Apps, Augmented Reality.

• Virtualization solutions, IP Access, IP Telephony & IP Security, Triple Play, Infrastructure including data bases, storage units, servers, processing units, reserve power plants and circuit breakers, Hosting services, VPN´s,
Intranets, and security of information, CLOUD services, Installation services and ongoing support.

• Comprehensive Marketing solutions including: Community Management, Social Media Monitoring, Ad-Campaign Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and the design of full product/services merchandising campaigns with a focus on Customer Experience.